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Solar Farm project

The solar farm project will be financed through community investment.  The solar farm will generate and retail renewable energy locally and the profits distributed back to the community shareholders. And there will be additional community benefits built into the project.

Stage One involves a study into whether the project has community support. COMPLETED
Stage Two involves securing a Development Approval from the council. COMPLETED
State Three involves appointing a construction company. COMPLETED
Stage Four involves applying to Essential Energy for a connection. IN PROGRESS
Stage Five involves applying for grants to support the project. COMPLETED and SUCCESSFUL!
Stage Six involves seeking investor support. Offer Investment Statement completed and ready to distribute Watch this space and complete this form so we can send you updates.

There are many ways you can be involved if you are interested. You can help us by indicating your level of support for the project:

Are you interested in investing?
Are you interested in volunteering?
What skills do you have that we might be able to use?
Are you interested in sitting on the governing board?

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